Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Importance of doing an inventory

Wrong resistors sent with K2
This sure is a step in the kit building that takes time and when it comes to kits is not the whole idea to get the KIT DONE so you can play with it!! I feel that taking the time to do an inventory is so important that I am going to dedicate a page to it on this blog. (If your wondering this page is in progress as we speak and will be up live soon) This is my second K2 that I have built and up to this point I have built (just counting Elecraft) 10 Elcraft kits to date. Now having said that have I ever had missing parts......yes I have now and then. The upsetting thing is a missing part can hold up your build but if you know of it in advance the part can be on it's way as you are completing other parts of the build. An even more of a problem is the wrong part was put in the kit and now you instal it and your Elecraft kit is done and not doing what it should do! As I was doing the parts inventory on my latest K2 I did find two incorrect resistor packs. I emailed Elecraft parts just to confirm as they often have had to substitute parts and all is well. This time I was told that yes in fact these are the incorrect parts and the proper ones were sent out same day to me. Since this was found early and the parts are in transit my build will not be slowed down at all.

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