Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Rework Eliminator for the K2

The Rework Eliminator kit  from Unpcbs to me is not an option if you plan on building a K2 it's a must have. If you are not familiar with the Rework Eliminator here is what this product can do for you. This kit allows the K2 to be setup and ready for any add on you want to put in the K2. Let me clear the waters a bit......if you build a bare bones K2 with no options but later you want to add some options,  it my require you to  remove some components from the K2 in order to add the option.
NB rework board top view
With the Unpcbs kit  there is no de-soldering on the K2. In a nut shell you unplug the unpcb board and plug in the K2 option. There is another great advantage to this, if you think you have a defective DSP filter (or any other option) board you simply unplug the DSP filter and plug in the unpcb board and see if the problem is fixed.   If you are thinking about an Elecraft K2 Kit  this add-on is well  worth the money!!! I just have to jump on the soap box  for a short time again.....On the top (pic to the right) of the noise blanker rework board you see some resistors. These resistor (or other components) would normally be on the K2 board and have to be de-soldered to instal the NB board option from Elecraft. With the rework board you unplug the rework board and plug in the NB board. If there ever is a problem with the noise blanker (or any other option the rework kit looks after) you unplug it and plug in the rework board. You K2 will now work but without the NB option. Without the rework board you would have to re-solder in the components you removed for the rig to function properly. There is also a SSB unit that Unpcbs sells they call it the internal mic adapter. and it is what is says......this unit when installed in the K2 by just removing the K2's side panel and moving some jumpers around on the Mic adapter you have available to use up to at least 66 mic's! I am going to be adding a page dedicated to the Rework Eliminator with more pictures and information about the product.
NB rework bottom view showing header

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