Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tools to consider........

I'm working on a new page to add to the blog entitled "Tools" I wanted to start out by outlining what I have in the way of  tools and gad-gits  I use for building kits. I see  "tools of the trade" are items that really you should not go real cheap on. Having said that you don't have to remortgage the house to have a decent setup. Don't cheap out on the tools because a portion of your kit building success will depend on your equipment used to assemble the project. If you are going to drop close to 1,000.00 on a K2 when it's all said and done you sure as heck want it to work to the best of it's ability. The other thing I have learned over time and experience is that good tools do a good job and cheap tools just end up taking the pleasure out of the project.  The page will include some items I have that are sorta luxury items in kit building as well. So hold on the page will be popping up soon!

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