Sunday, March 31, 2013

A new page added on Toroid winding

You could buy a 10,000 machine or read  the toroid page
For many kit builders the fun stops when it comes to toroids!! My first Elecraft kit was the KX1 and it had the dreaded toroids as well. I can remember going all over the web and YouTube to get the whole process down. I will admit I wound and rewound many a toroid, to the point were I had to order more wire from Elecraft. I can honestly say there is no trick to winding these little time and with practice trust me it will become a non issue. In this page I highlight some ways (all of which I have tried) in which you can practice and refine your art of winding toroids. This I found to be the secret....find the way that works for you! Check the page out and see if you have any ideas of your own and pass them along I will update the toroid winding page.

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