Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rework SSB board complete.....

Completed SSB rework board.
This is the first time I have assembled the SSB rework board, in the past on K2 builds I have never seen the need for the SSB rework board as I never use SSB. This K2 once built will be sold so I have to take the buyer into consideration. If they plan on using the K2 both CW and SSB or just SSB this board will be a great advantage to them. If you are building a K2 and plan on using this board I advise you pay very close
Pay close attention to socket mounting
 attention to the assemble of the boards. Rework has provided some great pictures to help with the soldering of the kit. This is an add on were you don't want to rush, if you make a mistake with one of the multi pin sockets it could either mean time consuming re-solder or contacting Rework for new parts. There are 3 sockets and they have to be mounted on certain boards, certain sides and certain locations.........if you don't take your time it leaves room for error and headache. Now with having warned you about the attention to detail that is needed for this add on I will highly recommend.  If you are an SSB buff this is a MUST to have as it will allow you have have versatility when it comes to the mic you want to use with the K2.

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