Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Kit build has begun!!

Starting the control board
The other night I finished all the prep work that I wanted to get done before I started building my K2. I am working on the Control board at the moment. The resistors and most of the Capacitors have been placed, soldered and leads trimmed. Once the build is started it sure does not take long for the K2 to take shape. I am sitting down each evening for about an hour heating up the soldering iron and plugging parts and pieces in. For me an hour is the perfect time, as evening rolls around I am tired from the days work and the hour of build time is just enough. It's important to pace yourself with the K2.  When you are tired and just wanting to get it done the fun is taken out of it and also frustration settles in as mistakes are made. Very soon a new page will be added to the blog entitled Control board. I will show assembly pictures, things to watch out for and some how to tips during this part of the build. The page will be updated as the Control board build progresses. There will also be short update post's as well.


  1. It's great to see that people are still building K2's Michael. I built mine a little over a year ago and haven't regretted it for a moment. It has not disappointed me in any way - either performance-wise or in terms of ergonomics and usability. It is switched on every day and works like a champ!

    Enjoy your build, and you are doing exactly the right thing by not rushing it. In the long run, it won't matter how fast or how slowly you built it, but what will matter is feeling good about it because you know that you built it with care.



    1. Good morning Dave, the K2 sure is a great rig and this is my second one. You site has some fantastic pic's of the build as I was checking it out about a month ago. I found the first K2 I build it was a rush to get it done and on the air but this one is going to be a slow stroll in the park!
      Have a great weekend.