Thursday, April 18, 2013

Control board add on...........

KAF2/KDSP2 rework board in place
The control board has one Rework eliminator  on it and it's for the KAF2 or the KDSP2 Elecraft modul. If this Rework board was not included in the kit build and you wanted to add either the KAF2 or KDSP2 you would have to take the K2 apart  add the SIP connectors J1 and J2 to the control board board. But also remove two resistor (R18 and R19) from the control board. With the Rework kit it's plug and play!  When building the K2 kit Elecraft has done their best to make it a very easy and fun experience. I found it to be a whole different ball game when a board is built, tested and installed to have to remove parts! There is de-soldering wick,
Rework board removed
de-soldering pumps  and also the Hakko 808 desoldering tool (which by the way is well worth the money I have one and it's great). The way I look at it just to much can go wrong when removing parts on a finished board.....why give Murphy the upper hand!


  1. Hi Mike,
    Just completed my K2 over the weekend, so I've been watching your build with ineterest. Had some fun with PLL oscillations but otherwise all went well. Unfortunately the Rework eliminators took a fair while to arrive so they need to be installed. Other options on order, PA100 and the audio filter, won't know what to do when I've built them, might have to get another K2!
    73s - Richard M0AUW

  2. Good afternoon Richard, great to hear you have been following the blog. I have a k2 already built this is my second unit. The other K2 have the PA100 and KAT100 in an external case. The DSP filter, Antenna tuner (20watt) is in the K2, battery and RS232 as well. I will keep posting on the progress...look forward to your input!

  3. Hi Mike, Just assembling the KAF2 and will install this week. Am wondering as I'm working back to front, in other words first going to install the Rework Eliminator and then will install the KAF2. Do if I have to remove anything e.g(R18&19), or do I just install the Eliminator and then just attach the KAF2? Probably being lazy and it will be written somewhere, but I just wanted to check!
    Cheers - Richard M0AUW

  4. Good evening Richard, I emailed you direct regarding your question. In short yes you do have to remove the resistors from the K2 board. The are on the Rework board, once resistors are removed and Rework SIP connectors (or ones that come with KAF2) you can now mount the KAF2. If you ever have troubles with the KAF2 you simply unplug the KAF2 and plug in the rework board and your good to go. (without the KAF2 that is) There is no need to re-solder in R18 and R19 as they are on the Rework board.