Monday, April 22, 2013

Front panel is on the bench

Switches added to front panel board
The boss keeps a close eye
I have now moved onto the Panel board and this involves some steps were you have to take your may end up redoing things! With this board things start to take shape in the form of what looks like a radio. The push buttons are mounted in this stage and Elecraft has offered up a tool to allow you to seat each switch so it's level and the proper height as well. Take your time here and make sure all is well before the final soldering of each switch. If you ordered the Rework internal Mic adapter (which I did) you are now going to add some parts that otherwise would have to be added at a later day when you decided to make the rig an SSB rig. There are some cap's, a resistor pack, a resistor and finally Q3. I don't want to be preaching but if you plan on at some point using the rig for SSB you may want to add this Rework option
Rework parts for SSB Mic option
that allows you to change out mic's with just changing some  jumpers as well as make the K2 SSB ready. Once the K2 is built sure you can add these parts but it means taking the rig apart and soldering them in.Well now it's time to move on to the next step including the LCD and this is a section of the build were taking your time and checking and double checking are key!

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