Monday, April 15, 2013

The Control board is complete

Done and ready to go into an anti static bag
The first step of the build is done....the control board! This is a great board to start out on as there is no dreaded toroid to wind, real tight components to solder and at the same time there are some difficult parts in this part of the build to get the confidence scale to rise! In the Elecraft manual you will notice that at the end of each section of a build there is a check out section. In most cases it involves some resistance checks outs. I strongly recommend you do each and every one of these checkouts! You may have done a great job of soldering, getting the right parts in the right place and double checking everything as you went
The test of U6 Pin 29 and 30 as per email
along....BUT.....the checkout will prove all components within the checks fall into spec. Case and I was doing my checkout on page 22 of the manual I found that on U6 pin 29 and 30 were not within the 70-90K my reading was at 95k. So I emailed the reflector and was told to do a check  involving shorting to ground a pin on U5. I was told when this is done I should get within the range and I did, my reading went to 95K to 81K. It's now to move on to the next board and the adventures that await me.

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