Monday, May 13, 2013

Onto the RF board...let the adventure begin!

The RF board 
Relays are in
With the front control board and front panel board done and in the books it's now time to move onto the RF board. This is where toroids are wound, crystals are installed along with "can" grounds as well as a host of adventures in soldering and chekout testing! Oh and I am working on another page for the blog having to do with the front panel. I have the control board page....and soon a front panel board page will be released on the blog. I have installed the MANY relays and a word of caution here is to check and double check to make sure once all the relays are installed that you have soldered ALL the terminals!! It is very very easy to miss one and when it comes time to do a checkout involving the relays things will not work out as planned if you have left an unsoldered terminal on one or more of the relays. I am speaking from experience as with my first K2 build I did have some issued that came back to unsoldered relay terminals. Now it's time to add just a few resistors, caps and sip connectors (or J connectors according to Elecraft)....along with a few other this and that's. Not to keep harping on the cautions....but....caution is to be taken when mounting all "J" connectors. Upright and square with the board is the way to go. As mentioned before in the blog take your time with these connectors. The nice part about this section of the build is the RF board does not have to be complete before you get a chance to power things up. You soon will have the joy of seeing the Elecraft K2 come to life with an LED readout and everything!!
Resistors anyone!

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