Monday, May 27, 2013

The K2 is starting to take more shape

The K2 is starting to take shape
I have now completed the first section of the RF board build. This is a very exciting stage as the front panel, control board and RF board are fitted together and power is applied and the K2 for the first time comes to life!! Well that is the plan as long as all the checkout with the RF board goes as planned. My resistance checks on the RF board went well. I did have to send off an email to Elecraft about one of the readings but all was well. It turned out to be a "builder (me) can't read the meter correctly" so all checked out with the
removing the tape
resistance checks. It was time to get out some side panels and bottom panels and prep them for assembly. There is some tape to be removed from the panels and a razor knife will help out with this. On my first K2 the tape was not that firmly applied but since then this tape is very hard to remove....BUT....under the tape is a very important bar metal finish. There are some 2D fasteners to put on and it's important to pay attention and put them on the correct way. No big deal if you mess this up it just means you will have to stop the assemble and redo the 2D fastener as things will not line up. The tilt bail is also going on at this point and I have always had trouble with this baby. Even following the Elecraft instructions this stand has always been a challenge to get in under the feet that secure it in place. As I mentioned earlier in the build it's very important to make sure the "J" and "P" connectors are all square on the board. During this part of
2D on bottom installed correct
the assembly you for the first time are going to mate "J" and "P" connectors to each other. One thing I wanted to bring to your attention, during the front panel build you were instructed to place two rubber sticky type feet to the two top corners of the board. Well I had forgotten about these feet I put on....until.....this assembly. The control board  and RF board mated together very well. When I added the front panel board (which included the front plate and the knobs and so on.) to the control/RF board things seemed wrong. The front panel had some resistance to it not wanting to mate with the 2D fasteners at the top! Before I realized what it was I had taken the three boards apart over 4 times looking for the trouble.....then I saw it! It was the two rubber feet on the front panel board they were lining up with the 2D fasteners on the front side panels. This was how it was supposed to work the rubber protected the board from the 2D fastener. The resistance I was feeling was normal and it would be great if Elecraft included this in the assembly instructions as it would had saved me some time.When I take the unit apart I will post about this as then I can add some pictures to make it more clear what I mean. It's now time to power up the unit and see how is works! Then I move onto my first alignment of the radio.
Proper mating of "P" and "J" connectors.

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