Sunday, July 7, 2013

Some components just won't fit

It's just not going to fit on the board
As your K2 build progress's  you will come to a point were a component just does not want  to fit into the board. It's time to get the creative juices flowing and move into  your artistic side of kit building. I have found that some diodes and capacitors need to have a lead makeover so they will fit on the board without any stress to the component. If a part does not seem to fit on the board it's important not to force it into place as damage could occur. What I do is first off check to make sure I have the right part and then make sure it's going into the right slot on the board. If all checks out and it just seems to be a miss match
First bend 90 degrees out
between part and board all is not lost. I find this to happens manly with capacitors most of the time. I have found that "tweaking" the components leads will do the trick. With most of the capacitors I find bending the leads out at 90 degrees and then bending each lead so they are parallel with each other does the trick. The second bend is a very tight bend and I find this seems to be the distance may have to practice. This is another use for the spare component leads, to practice on. In the picture below you will notice there is very little distance between the two bends. This is all that is need to allow the component to fit without stress on the board.
Second bend to bring them parallel.

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