Saturday, August 24, 2013

A new YouTube video about prepping a toroid.

Last week I received an email from Patrick ON4CDJ he was asking me to break down the solder blob method I use to strip off the coating on the magnet wire. So instead of writing a  long post with pictures I decided to put a video together. So here it is and do email me if you have questions or something you would like to see added.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

When I first started kit building some years ago it was the dreaded toroid winding that I never looked forward too. After winding and rewinding over time it has not become a dark task, it has taken some time to get the hang of it but I can say that I  no longer get uptight about the process. I have learned some tricks and some never ever skip steps when it comes to toroids. 
I am in the process of building my second K2 rig from Elecraft and there are lots of toroids to be wound. Now having said that if you want you can order per-wound toroids from the toroid guy. If you do order toroids that are per-wound I would encourage you to try to wind your own as well. What I have found is it's only practice that is needed to get the hang of the winding thing. In the past I have built many Elecraft kits were toroids have been involved, I have learned as I said some tricks, some must do stuff and things to stay away from when it comes to this art. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Something is going on............

Now and then I check out the statistics of this blog, in the past the visits per day have been in around 20 to 30. My other blog on the other hand has in and around 400-500 visits per day.  But 20-30 visits per day is not bad I think for a brand specific blog. Not everyone is building things and an Elecraft k2 to even narrow it down more. I am very happy with this blog to just put it out there to help out fellow builders and those who are building an Elecraft K2. To my surprise today I was checking the visit to this blog and between yesterday and today it has spiked to 80!!! Not sure what is going on there but I hope it keeps up.