Friday, September 27, 2013

Things are on hold here at VE3WDM

Packing things up for a short time
Julie and I have decided to move from out large home since the kids are gone and we have more rooms than we know what to do with! We are now about 60 min's from Toronto where we both work and the commute is really starting to get to us. I have been doing it for about 15 years and Julie for 6, so it's time to move close to the city.........hey we said why not live right in the city!!!! So we have our home up for sale..........well not yet as I have to do some polishing up before it hits the market. We decided to move to a condo in Toronto right on lake Ontario looking out onto the lake and  into the downtown. We are very excited about this upcoming move as we both will be about 10-15 minutes from work. Because of the move the K2 project has to
Coming up Bifilar toroid winding
shut down for a few months as I get ready, pack and then move and set up again. I sure am going to miss this part of the hobby but it has to be done.I do have some pics of progress over the past month that I can blog about but it's the finding the time to get things written and posted that is the problem. So there will be posts now and then but just wanted to let the readership know the blog is not dormant and shut down......just a short hiatus that's all. 

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