Saturday, October 19, 2013

The K2 is packed up until we move

The K2 is packed and ready for the move
As time moves on things around the house are being packed up including my K2 build. We have a conditional offer on our house and once that all goes through (hopefully by Wednesday of this week) things will start to move very fast as we have a small window between selling and buying a new place. I do have some pic's of my toroids that I have wound up to this point and wanted to post them just for other kits builders to see. These are not all the toroids that are involved in the kit but the ones thus far that I have wound. The Bifilar is not below as that was in the last post with pics.


  1. Interesting. I live just up tbe road (Pr Ed Cty). Have some qrp stuff including a1/4 watt rig homebrew working on and around 14060. Was born in TO a long time ago. Hope to eork you. Also have a pixie 40 on 7023.
    Don VE3LYX

  2. Good evening Don, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes for sure you really just up the street and it would be great to have a QSO.