Rework Eliminator kit

The finished product
If you are not sure what options you plan to add to the K2 in the future, if you have a fully loaded K2 or if you have a  built k2 that has just a few options the Rework eliminator is for you.This product is a very well rounded add on that can bring versatility to your K2. If you are not familiar with the Rework Eliminator kit let me bring you up to speed on this great idea. As you already know the K2 comes with many extra features you can either order along with your k2 or hold off and order at a later date. The Rework kit can help you in either situation. This kit comes with 6 boards that essentially plug into the K2 in the exact spot the Elecraft options would eventually plug into.

 Reasons to use the Rework Eliminator
The inventory is done
1. If you build your K2 without the Rework Eliminator and then decide to purchase and install the KNB2 option. You have to open up the K2 and remove some resistors from the K2 board. If you have the Rework kits installed you unplug the Rework board and plug in the KNB2 noise blanker board. Your soldering iron can rest for the day. Also there will be no new grey hairs on your part because no parts have to be removed from the K2.

2. At the time of your K2 purchase you felt both CW and SSB were a must and then you decided you were a CW only person.  With the Rework kit you can unplug the SSB board plug in the Rework board and now your K2 is CW only! You can sell the SSB (KSB2) board and get some coin for another option like a Begali morse code key!!!

3. One day your car works great the next day for some reason it won't start! Same thing can happen to your K2. If you have the Rework boards installed in the K2 if an option board goes defective for whatever reason you simple unplug the board and plug in the Rework board and you are good to go.....
Make sure SIP's are upright
These are just 3 very good reasons why your K2 should include the Rework Eliminator option.

How does the Rework incorporate with the K2 build
 The Rework kit along with the excellent documentation integrates into the k2 build seamlessly. It's as simple as downloading the PDF instructions from their site. Here is what I do after printing the instructions  I staple the rework page into the K2 build manual. The Rework printed page almost looks the same as the K2 assembly page.  I say "almost" because the Rework page highlights a change that has to be done to the K2 board assembly. These changes are minor in nature such as not adding a K2 part, adding a jumper and so on. When I get to a part in the build that requires me to add a rework part or to not add a K2 build part the rework page is attached to the K2 build manual right on that particular page.
My way to cut SIP's
For the SSB enthusiast there is great add on from the Rework guys for you as well.  The internal mic adapter kit in a nut shell will enable you to use up to 66 popular 8 pin type mic's.  It's not that your going to have 66 mic's on hand to use, but if you have a few mic's you can very easily switch between them. With this add on to change out a mic its a matter of taking off the K2 side panel move some jumpers around on the internal mic adapter kit and your on our way.

Some Rework construction tips
1. The method I use to cut the SIP connectors is not that which is suggested in the Rework instructions. I tried their way and ended up making  mistakes. I use a razor knife to cut the SIP connector to the desired length. I did find you can make a few mistakes as the guys at Rework send more than is needed. 

2. TAKE YOUR TIME soldering the SIP connectors to the PC board. Follow the method outlined in the instructions works great. In one of my pictures I show one SIP connector that has to be corrected and made upright. If you solder all the pins then up-righting is made very very difficult, the SIP in the picture only had one pin soldered and was very easily corrected. 

3. Only apply the soldering iron to the SIP pin for a short time as the plastic housing can melt. 

4. Make sure you do not throw out the pink foam (as outlined in the instructions) as you can use it to store the Rework boards as you install K2 options.

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